We are firm believers in quality and delivering solutions that deal with the main causes of burns. Innovation is key and here is how we will get there:

Establish R & D Department 

  1. Research the current market trends, demands, and supply to see what is needed most
  2. Develop innovative products that not only treat symptoms, but focus on the main cause of burns
  3. Make products Affordable, Accessible, and Available to general population

Expand Burn Survivor Services Platform

  1. Create more effective programs that better meet the needs of the burn growing community
  2. Design custom platforms for each country to ensure the best receptivity, as each country has its own mindsets, culture, and traditions
  3. Most importantly: Make it fun!


  1.  DOLBF Application
    1. Download to join us in uniting the international burn community, providing leading burn prevention, and creating global burn awareness

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