Founder’s History


Diego has been a very active member in the burn community for over 18 years, and his life has never been the same. As a burn

survivor himself, he struggledwith adapting to his scars, gaining confidence, and discovering who he was meant to be. After several

years, he discovered his purpose and is workingconstantly to became more of the person he has always aspired to be. All that he

is becoming, would not have been possible without the support of his lovingmother, family, doctors, firefighters,nurses, friends,and

members of the burn community. Now that he has overcome his scars, he uses them as his strength, to help heal others and provide

a platform whereby we can help those who are not as fortunate. So that they gain the ability to live a life by their

design. Where they are not overwhelmed with fear, but rather use their scars as instruments of  strength to

make their dreams come true.


Organizational History


The DOL Burn Foundation (Diana Ortega LLabres Burn Foundation) was incorporated on September 16,2014. This past year we

have had numerous events and have been actively participating in the community. On our 1 year anniversary, we began developing

the plans and framework to begin our mission of developing the international network of camps. Our organization has 4 Board of Directors, 3 great

staff, and numerous volunteers who are working together to make it all possible. Though we are young, we have a tremendous vision and our team

consists of result oriented individuals with  the thirst to make a difference. In 2015 alone, we have successfully participated/organized

10 different community events and will continue to strive for even better services.


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