About Us

Who is Diana?


“Diana is my mother and the reason this foundation exists. She is so much more than a mother. She is the one who was by my side during every surgery, changed all my bandages, found foundations to help me overcome my scars, nurtured me, gave up so many pleasures just so she could give me the world, was strong when I couldn’t be, was the shoulder to lean on when times were tough, was the person who guided me towards being a good man, and is the most important woman in my life. This foundation is for you ma, and remember that it is because of you that so many lives in the world will be changed forever!”

– by Diego Segovia


Immediate Goal

Burns can change your life instantly and the services/products available here are unheard of in many

other countries. DOL Burn Foundation (DOLBF) is working tirelessly to bring these spectacular burn

survivor services abroad.



Mission Statement

Millions of people get burned every day and there is still plenty to be done on a global level.
The DOL Burn Foundation is the solution that will help provide access to medical treatment,
emotional therapy, retreats, improved burn prevention education, innovative products for
burns, and help give burn survivors the tools to pursue their dreams. By creating an
international network of burn camps, they will develop a strong support system that will help
them learn how to use their wounds as instruments of strength.



Vision Statement

The DOL Burn Foundation has a vision of impacting not only lives in the United States, but all those

around the world. We all must learn, adapt, grow and innovate the business so that it can reach those

who need it most. The path will not be easy, but within two years, we want the company to go into

Mexico and expand through North America. Within five years to span into South America (Peru,

Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia). Ultimately reaching at least 10 different countries by year 10.

Creating the movement: “10 New Camps in 10 New Countries in 10 Years”