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We at the DOL Burn Foundation (DOLBF) are working to bring spectacular burn survivor services abroad to children in need. Millions of people get burned every day and there is still plenty to be done on global level. DOLBF is the solution that will help provide access to medical treatment, emotional therapy, retreats, education on burn prevention techniques, and give millions of burn survivors the chance to pursue their dreams.



We are developing event videos and important commercials that will help promote advocacy and awareness for burns. We hope you are moved, consider these issues, and please feel free to ask questions.

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We have compiled numerous resources from which we hope to educate you on concerns you might have, key issues with burns, frequently talked about topics, additional suggestions for discussions,  and further reading.

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Individual awareness and community support are key in resolving challenges with regards to burns. So please share with those you care about and spread the word today! Thank you.

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Why Burns?


Believe it or not, but burns happen every day, whether it be from hot water, electricity, fire, the sun, chemical, technological, or simply from any numerous kinds of accidents. It is completely normal to not be aware of the dangers for you and your loved ones, we hear it all the time, but rest assured we hope to close that gap for you.

Our modo is ” We hope you never get burned, but if you do, we are here to help.”

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We are building an international network of camps that will change the life of numerous survivors, medical practitioners, volunteers, and all those who get the opportunity to be a part of the process. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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